Caprice – An Unforgettable Evening


Picture the scene: A good friend is getting married soon. He wants to celebrate his last days as a single man in a special way. He wants a stag night filled with memories and stories to tell in the future.

Such was my situation recently. My good friend of four years decided to spend one of his ‘last nights of freedom’ at an establishment in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny called ‘Caprice’.

Caprice is located at 03/01 (Hasan Tufan Av.). The best way to describe it is a ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ which provides a luxury atmosphere, relaxation and erotic entertainment.

Our group consisted of five people, including the groom and myself.

As soon as we walked through the doors we were treated like kings. Beautiful young women dressed in revealing yet elegant dresses welcomed us to the club.

I would need to be Shakespeare to fully describe the extent of the beauty of our hostesses.

They sat us down on comfortable and spacious leather sofas where we could look at the refreshments menu and the wide range of entertainment programs on offer.

It was also a chance to admire the interior design of the premises. The greeting room consisted of a red and black colour scheme – a combination of sofas, tall bar stools, tables, neat curtains and a pole dancing area in the middle of the room. The administrator of the club, Julia, told me that the rich red interior was chosen because the colour is synonymous with erotica.

The erotic setting is accompanied by ambient dance music and low red lighting. All these details complement each other and create a calm, mysterious, relaxing and seductive atmosphere.

My friends were busy engaging in pleasant light-hearted conversation with the girls while I talked more with Julia the administrator. She explained the workings of the club.

“Caprice prides itself on giving clients an unforgettable experience. Our girls make clients the centre of attention. Our programs include massages, Jacuzzis, a range of themed erotic shows, pole dancing and a traditional Turkish style bath known as a ‘Hamam’. However, we have strict rules concerning inappropriateness.”

It is important to note that Caprice does NOT offer actual sexual intercourse to clients. The rules and guidelines of conduct are non-negotiable.

Julia continues, “Clients must not suggest or demand any additional forms of intimacy not in the chosen program. Under no circumstances should they be rude or aggressive towards the girls. The safety and comfort of our employees is a priority.”

Caprice has on-site security and a call button for additional security in extreme cases.

Any visitors who come in under the visible influence of alcohol or narcotics will be refused entry.

My personal favourite part of the evening was the neon lit Jacuzzi room. Two of us guys and three beautiful women sat in a bubbling hot tub. Our glasses were continuously being filled with champagne by the perfectly manicured hands of the alluring hostesses.

We were laughing, joking, drinking and admiring the ideal female forms that accompanied us. This last part was made easier by the fact that the walls of the room were covered by full length mirrors. Beauty surrounded us as far as the eye could see.

After chatting to one of the goddesses in the hot tub about hockey, video games and my over-exaggerated achievements in the spheres of acting, amateur sports, journalism and motivational speaking (it was nice to see someone actual listen for a change), she told me about a couples program that Caprice offers.

Despite primarily being a Gentlemen’s club, Caprice also caters to couples looking for a memorable and romantic time together. Husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend can enjoy side-by-side massages and an erotic show for dessert. It’s an innovative and exciting way to spice up a relationship for adventurous couples.

I was told that many of the girls at Caprice can speak English. So if someone from abroad is staying in Naberezhnye Chelny temporarily for work related reasons, they will be understood and cared for in Caprice without any language barriers. Some girls there speak Turkish too.

To attend Caprice Gentlemen’s Club, one must have a pre-booked reservation because the club makes sure it isn’t too overcrowded and that every single visitor is given attention.

Another club called ‘Chocolate Bio Salon’, located at 9/42 (Mira Av.), is also part of the franchise. I was informed that Chocolate is aimed more towards individual visitors. The guests don’t interact with each other. There is no lounge or communal seating area. Also, Chocolate offers a variety of grooming and spa services including manicures, pedicures and tanning beds. Many types of massages are available just like in Caprice, and of course the ladies working at Chocolate are also very beautiful.

Overall, our night was indeed unforgettable. My friends and I felt like the most important people in the world.

I would recommend Caprice to anyone looking for a good time and wanting to forget about the everyday stresses of working life.

Obviously, Caprice is perfect for stag parties, and the night we had is proof.


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