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Nayil and his son Timur experience live hockey for the very first time at the Neftekhim Arena

On the 19th of December 2018, Nizhnekamsk Neftekhimik HC played Avtomobilist Ekaterinburg HC in a home game. Unfortunately for the wolves, it proved to be a losing effort on their part, with a final score of 1-2 in Avtomobilist’s favour.
However, two people in the arena were very happy that night, despite coming to support Neftekhimik and ultimately watching them lose.

My very good friend Nayil has recently purchased a new photo camera. He was looking for an interesting setting or opportunity to discover all the functions of his new camera and to find out its capabilities.
I suggested that a live hockey game in Nizhnekamsk would be perfect and exactly the opportunity he was looking for.

Neither Nayil nor his 8 year old son Timur had ever been to a hockey game before. Their first impressions were full of excitement, awe and positivity.

Nayil describes his evening:

I was expecting everything to be on a much smaller scale. I was surprised at how big it all was. It was great to use my new camera and get some action shots of the game. I learnt a lot about hockey. My parents-in-law are big hockey fans, and now we have something in common to talk about next time they visit. There was so much going on at the arena – dancers, huskies, music and the hockey itself. My son was blown away by it all. I was too. Some of the photos of the game I managed to capture were unexpectedly good. Maybe a new career as a sports photographer is on the horizon for me.

Timur had a great time at his first hockey game. It was heart-warming to see his happy little face reacting to what was going on around him.
I asked Timur which cheerleader was the most beautiful. After much consideration, Timur said “All of them.” It was a very diplomatic answer. The boy is wise beyond his years.

It was a pleasure to share my favourite pastime with Nayil and Timur. They agreed to watch hockey again at the Neftekhimik Arena in the near future.
They will have the perfect opportunity to do just that when the MHL Youth League ALL-STAR GAME comes to town in mid January 2019.

On the 12th of January at the Neftekhim Arena will be the final of the MHL CHALLENGE CUP, and on the 13th of January will be the ALL STAR GAME itself, where the best developmental league players will be chosen to represent East and West.
Exciting times ahead in Nizhnekamsk.


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