VR Paradise


Virtual Reality Gaming and Entertainment at ILLUSIUM Cinema Complex

For the first time in 20 years, I put on a virtual reality headset. A lot has changed since the late nineties in the world of VR.
My wife and I recently went to the Illusium cinema complex located at 3/02 Naberezhnye Chelny. On the ground floor we found VR Paradise.
This place boasts state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology in virtual gaming and simulations.

First, my wife and I decided to ride some virtual roller coasters. We tried 2 different simulations. The first one was set in a beautiful and scenic natural landscape. All around us were tall waterfalls and stunning rock formations. Any direction I turned my head, I saw breathtaking scenery, coupled with the adrenaline rush caused by the great heights and speeds of the simulated ride. Overall, the first ride was very relaxing.

The second virtual roller coaster was anything but relaxing. It was a simulation based on the motion picture Jurassic World. Dinosaurs were on the menu. Or to be more specific, we were on their menu.
The Jurassic World ride was much more action packed. The turns were sharp and sudden, and the supposed threat of getting our heads bitten off by various carnivores was ever-present.
I had fun naming the dinosaur breeds that I recognized. Of course, there was a T-Rex, but also a Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, and many others I don’t know the names of.
There were distinct stages of the ride. My favourite part was avoiding the jaws of a T-Rex while riding backwards. Narrowly avoiding the massive legs of a Brachiosaurus as they descended on us from above was also fun.

The rides were great. However, to get the full interactive VR experience, in my opinion, one must shoot stuff and get shot by stuff. It was time to shoot some stuff!

We chose a game from Oculus Studios called Dead & Buried – a Wild West themed zombie shootout in a saloon. We did a co-operative mission, working together to survive the zombie threat.
This game was so much fun. My thumbs and trigger fingers were aching for a whole hour after we had finished playing. Drunken zombies biting at my legs while others threw projectiles at us from afar made for some exciting action. Attacks came from all sides. Every direction I turned my head, something was trying to kill me.

30 minutes of such a virtual reality experience provides just enough adrenaline and excitement to feel satisfied. However, I would gladly go back to VR Paradise and play for longer.
Their catalogue of games is extensive and includes all genres, from horror to science fiction, superheroes, action and suspense.

The set price at VR Paradise is 100 rubles for 15 minutes of play on any game or simulation. It’s well worth the cost and there’s nothing else quite like it.
I can’t wait to try other games that they have!


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